Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Writing International Paper

Writing international paper is not an easy job. Besides quality required having a high demand to use the English language is not an easy matter. But academic challenges today require us to actively write. Writing paper is not as hard to write in a scientific journal, but it is not rare to find constraints. Why you should write a paper? In order to be used to examine and research the people we know. Besides the already published paper has a high credit if we want the school to apply a higher level abroad.

As a beginner, you can learn write papers through good example papers. Topics of writing paper may be the final project, thesis, research conducted by independent, research grants, a former race papers, etc... Framework paper generally is very diverse. Writing paper carefully prosecuted, at least we have to go through the process of review, editing, and writing checks in accordance with the template format provided by the organizers. Usually the committee provides templates for download. If the paper is fix usually no record of revisions by the reviewer. After revisions were made, the final paper or photo ready submitted to the committee. Then it's time to make slide presentations. Usually a week before the conference, we got a schedule of presentations.

Estimated time of presentation with a slide is important things, cut things that are too detailed and just use the key points and the general public so understood by the audience. Make a note containing the guidelines, so if we forget when we can see the presentation notes. The most important thing is not glued to the slide, stand facing the audience and the audience faces to all the feedback that we get to understand what we are talking about or not. A few experiences I attended international paper, may be useful.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take the Advantage of the Online Tutor

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